Orthofit Superior Arch Support Pain-Relief Insole

Orthofit Superior Arch Support Pain-Relief Insole

Orthofit Superior Arch Support Pain-Relief Insole

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Scientifically Verified to Enhance Comfort and Ease Discomfort

Orthofit Insole Arch Gel Support Pain-Relief has been meticulously designed for individuals experiencing arch pain due to tension in their arch.

Clinically proven to provide immediate and enduring relief from arch pain:

  • Pressure Guard® technology effectively absorbs painful shocks precisely where they occur.
  • Additional arch support alleviates stress on the tendons and ligaments comprising the joints of your arch.
  • The 3/4-foot length of this insert ensures a proper fit in most shoes without the need for trimming.

  • Shock Absorption: Two layers of high-density, high-foaming EVA shock-absorbing material enhances rebound speed and absorption, promoting improved exercise and walking experiences while maintaining durability.
  • Deodorizing and Breathability: The breathable mesh prevents foot odor, and the highly elastic EVA bottom material provides superior support to the soles, ensuring optimal pressure distribution.
  • Ankle Protection: The U-shaped heel and ergonomic design offer effective ankle protection, making it suitable for intense exercise without any concerns.
  • Arch Support: Effectively supporting the arch, it alleviates pressure on the area, promoting relief from foot fatigue and pain.

Key Features:

  1. Incorporates a honeycomb mesh design for enhanced breathability, keeping feet dry and comfortable.
  2. Features a high-density, high-foaming EVA shock-absorbing layer that accelerates rebound and shock absorption, promoting improved exercise and walking experiences. 
  3. The U-shaped heel design ensures a snug fit to protect the ankle joint.
  4. Effectively supports the arch, relieving pressure on the area to alleviate foot fatigue and pain.

Suitable for a variety of sports shoes, including but not limited to baseball, softball, running, climbing, golf, basketball, horseback riding, and more.