OrthoFit Cervical Traction and Support

OrthoFit Cervical Traction and Support

OrthoFit Cervical Traction and Support

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Maintain Proper Posture with Relieved Neck and Aligned Spine

When it comes to incorrect posture, excessive strain on the neck, or neck injuries, it can lead to discomfort and pain in the neck area. The neck relies heavily on the proper function of bones, ligaments, and muscles to function normally. Any irregularities in these components can result in neck and cervical pain, which can significantly impact one's quality of life. To address these issues, the Cervical Neck Traction Device offers valuable support to the neck and promotes optimal spinal alignment, leading to a sense of relaxation and calm in the muscles.

Supportive Neck Relief - By elevating the jawline and achieving maximum spine alignment, this traction device effectively reduces nerve tension and promotes relaxation.

Enhanced Posture and Confidence - With improved jawline and spinal alignment, you'll experience increased confidence in your body's posture.

Relief from Cervical Pain - The device targets the neck's bones, tissues, and ligaments to alleviate nerve tension and effectively relieve cervical pain, making it a true savior for those suffering from such discomfort.

Easier Daily Activities - With relaxed muscles and reduced cervical pain, you'll regain the freedom to perform various daily activities that were previously challenging. This device enables you to approach your daily tasks with ease and positivity.

Ideal for Injuries and Medical Conditions - The neck traction device is equally beneficial for individuals with neck injuries or medical conditions like neck, head, or shoulder pain, herniated or injured discs, and pinched nerves.
  • Perfect Neck Alignment: ensures your neck stays ideally aligned, providing instant muscle relaxation. It is an excellent neck comforter for those experiencing neck pain, soreness, or back pain.
  • Adjustable Traction: Easily inflate using the handheld pump and control the air pressure with the small air valve near the pump. Gradually increase traction by wearing it daily for 15 minutes.
  • Portable Support: can be used anywhere, whether at home or work. Simply deflate, fold, and store it in your carry bag. It takes up minimal space and requires no assembly.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade flannel and a durable valve, ensures both longevity and comfort. The soft material and airtight air tubes prevent any leakage, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Why OrthoFit Cervical Traction and Support?

  • If you suffer from cervical spine pain.
  • If you have medical conditions like pinched nerves, herniated discs, back pain, or spinal decompression.
  • If you struggle with maintaining correct neck posture.
  • If you experience tension in your neck, back, and shoulder muscles.