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Autumn is here and our shoes are comfortable and lightweight, ideal for your day to day.

We believe that the most important things for your shoes are qualitymaterialsdesign and durability

Our shoes stand out for their quality and modern design, which allows you to wear them with any look. These shoes are made of durablesoft and resistant materials, an ideal combination to take care of the health of your feet for a long time.



✔ These shoes are very comfortable, perfect for everyday wear.

✔ Warm and Soft lining - No More Freezing Toes. The fur reaches the inside of the shoe, so your feet will be warm all day long.

✔ Lightweight Shoes. You can wear them for Everyday wear and it's not going to cause you Any Pain or Discomfort.

✔ Flexible. It Adjusts to the Foot and Holds it Perfectly.

✔ Machine washable. Put your shoes in a bag and select a short, non-spin wash program.

✔ Non-slip sole. Enjoy Walks on Wet streets without the danger of Falling or Slipping.

✔ Waterproof. Rain, snow or puddles will not be a problem for our shoes.


In addition to beauty, it is essential to take care of the details of health. And that is why we have worked with 7 podiatrists and orthopedists.

✔ Corrects posture and eliminates muscular imbalances by angling the toes back to their original positions to realign the position of the skeleton.

✔ Reduces stress on joints, strengthens, tones and improves posture. The entire foot is supported, offering flexibility for perfect comfort all day long.

✔ Prevents and relieves foot pain. Our shoes prevent and alleviate podiatric diseases very effectively and help realign deformities by facilitating and optimizing body movements.

 For everyday wear. One of the objectives with these shoes was to be able to offer a total design and durability.

After more than 17,000 units sold, we can be proud to offer a comfortable shoes for work, everyday life, the weekend... An all-rounder!

It does not chafe and therefore will not hurt you, we are sure you will appreciate it.

✔ They are ideal for walking. Thanks to the ankle support and orthopedic design, the tread is much more pleasant for the foot than any other type of shoe.

In addition it does not chafe and therefore will not hurt you, we are sure you will appreciate it.

Try Risk-Free: 30-Day Wear Test Money Back Guarantee

Experience for yourself why OrthoFit is considered the Most Comfortable Shoe in the USA! Walk comfortably and pain-free or receive your money back, guaranteed!

We stand by our products and invite you to test OrthoFit totally risk-free for up to 30 days and return them for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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Orthofit® Ankle Sleeves.

Designed in a way which:

Relieve ankle & foot pains instantly

by heating up and compressing your joint fluids, which improves blood flow and oxygen levels; reducing inflammation and swelling as a result.

Prevent severe ankle injuries

by providing external support to limit harmful motions during sports & activities.

Heal your injuries at warp speed

by keeping your joints warm and stable while you’re running, going on hikes, weight lifting, or doing pretty much anything that requires legs.

Improve strength & endurance

by limiting lactic acid build-up, which eliminates fatigue and allows you to push your body beyond its limits with zero miseries.

Proven by over 1M+ clinical studies

Compression gear has become a staple in most athletic training programs due to the overwhelming evidence on the health benefits of compression therapy.

Now you too can enjoy medical-grade compression

Orthofit ankle sleeves act as a safe & effective solution and can be worn all day with no issues. Not only does Orthofit deliver instant relief, but you can see lasting results after daily usage.

Learn more about the science behind compression here.

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